Data Partner

Medical Research Collaborative, LLC (“MRC”) is pleased to offer the following Data Partner consultation service to institutional or other accredited investors.

Data Partners obtain exclusive access to MRC’s analytics, including comprehensive research reports on biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies identified as possessing outsized return-for-the-risk value. Both long- and short-plays are covered, with specific focus on binary catalysts. 

MRC’s valuation model identifies high expected value (ExV) opportunities. ExV may be derived by calculating the upside and downside potential of a given stock based especially on binary outcomes, and then using the odds of either occurring as a determinant of positive or negative value. The ExV is expressed as a percentage, which over many runs will equate with the TWR. Entering high-ExV trades/investments will result in a significantly positive TWR over the medium-to-long termbut it is imperative that the odds of either outcome and the upside/downside potential is ascertained as accurately as possible.

For an example of a real-time ExV scenario, please click here

In addition to providing comprehensive research reports on bio/pharma companies throughout the year, MRC provides updates and follow-on analyses to Data Partners for all target companies covered, including:

  • Consultation on the content of any/all MRC reports 
  • Any/all patent litigation developments (PACER), and our analysis of the same
  • Detailed analyses of new clinical trial results/acquired assets
  • Notification of upcoming catalysts, especially as they draw near, with price targets ascribed to various outcomes
  • Positive and negative developments involving direct competitors
  • Planned/ongoing regulatory submissions of target companies
  • Analysis of briefing documents, should there be an AdCom, and our odds of +/- vote
  • Analysis of all SEC filings as they occur, with any deviations to prior filings identified and elaborated upon

For publicly divulged, time-stamped examples of catalyst outcomes based on our analyses, please click here(1)here(2)here(3)here(4)here(5)here(6)here(7)and here(8).

To inquire on becoming a Data Partner, please reach out via our Contact Form.

Thank you.